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When we were young, it was easy to dream. We wanted to be astronauts, doctors, or whatever looked fun and exciting. We didn’t know what it meant to do any of those things. We just lived in a world where it was all possible. Then life happened, and dreams became impractical and irresponsible. We were told […]

Why Your Dreams Matter Now More than Ever

November 11, 2020

Personal Development

The same old story keeps running through my mind. It’s a story about how hard it is to follow our dreams. It’s about how we get caught in the trap of playing small and why we shouldn’t be surprised to find ourselves here.  I think about how our lack of motivation and our tendency to procrastinate is related to […]

How to Overcome Your Biggest Obstacle, You

September 8, 2020

Personal Development

Why Can’t I Get my *&$% Together? Last week was a rough one. I had a clear plan for what I wanted to accomplish. I’d made a significant decision about my business and was feeling good about it. I was ready to focus and write this blog post and an inspiring and motivating email to […]

How to Beat Procrastination and Get Your Mojo Back

August 24, 2020

Personal Development

My journey through the dark. I’m not exactly sure what happened, it was sort of a combination of things. Like a perfect storm of crap that I didn’t anticipate. It was ugly and I let it stop me from doing the thing I loved so much, my work. I’m one of those people who found her calling and can […]

When Pursuing Your Calling Takes an Ugly Turn

December 5, 2019

Personal Development

There’s an old saying that what got you here won’t get you there.  It was popularized by a book by Marshall Goldsmith in which he tells his readers they need to learn new skills and new behaviors in order to get to the next level.  And while this is true, I have a bit of a […]

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There…Or Will It?

May 7, 2019

Personal Development

So one day I’m having coffee with a friend when she says “I would love to open a bookstore and coffee shop, too bad there’s no money in it”. And there it is – a beautiful dream that is finally spoken out loud and then quickly dismissed all in one simple sentence. How many times […]

How to Live a Practical and Inspired Life

April 9, 2019

Personal Development

“What should I do?” Sound familiar?  You probably ask yourself this question a lot. And others probably ask you this question too.  When I hear this question, I’m always tempted to provide an answer even though I know it’s a bad idea because I know it won’t help. People rarely act upon the advice that they hear […]

Why the Quality of Your Questions Matter

March 20, 2019

Personal Development

There are goals and then there are GOALS. You know, those big aspirational goals that we tend to resist. Because who has time for aspirational goals when you already feel like you don’t get enough done in a day? I admit that for most of my life I didn’t set personal goals, much less aspirational […]

Why Your Goals Should Be Just Out of Reach

February 20, 2019

Personal Development

Do you ever have one of those days? You know, the one where everything seems to go wrong? Sometimes it starts with you waking up late. And traffic always seems to be worse than usual when you’re in a hurry. Suddenly you realize you forgot about a meeting that’s happening today and you haven’t even […]

How to Make a Bad Day a Good Thing

November 16, 2018

Personal Development

It Starts with One Light Bulb Moment While working on this week’s blog, I had a truly inspiring call with one of my coaching clients. It was one of those calls where my client experiences a light bulb moment and gains a new perspective, and it changes everything. I knew I had to blog about it […]

A Story About Embracing Big Unexpected Change

October 15, 2018

Personal Development