A corporate gal gone rogue.

I've created a warm and inviting place where learning and growth become inevitable.

Regardless of your age, income, or stage in life or business ... I feel your desire for more. 

I'm Camille Rapacz 


More impact.
More strategy.
More money. 

More impact. More strategy. More money. 

• Clarity - Turn your big ideas into profit.
Mindset - Build resilience & lead your business like a boss.
Systems - Spend more time on the work you love. 

As a business & mindset Coach,
I'll guide you through: 

I was exchanging my time for a salary and a 401k. 

I was ALL IN until I wasn't.

And each year, despite a pay increase ... I felt small.
I trust you've felt the same.

I left corporate life in 2017, and I've never looked back.
And I can help you do this too!

At the time, I was a mission-driven woman in an uninspiring office who valued her worth, refused to be increasingly overwhelmed and stressed out. 

Long before I was coaching clients, I was corporately compliant.

"Trusting that where you are today matters to who you'll be tomorrow"

- J. Gaines 

And now, as a Business & Mindset Coach, I can say I love, like love ... what I do.

Want to see if we're the right fit?